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$9.99 per vehicle (4 pax)

Chitwan Airport Transfer

Arriving or departing at Chitwan, let us help!

Once payment is received, we will send you an email with details of the transfer. The vehicle is able to leave when you want it to, just let us know the time! Our driver will meet you at the hotel specified if you are going to the airport. If you are getting picked up from the airport, our driver will have a clear sign with your name on it.

It is very important to check your emails / keep in touch with us after booking your ticket. We will send you all the information via email. We also prefer if you have a local sim or a working phone so we can keep in touch with you. We will send you some clear information to your email to ease any nerves if it is your first time in Nepal so relax!

Chitwan is the gateway to nature in Nepal. If you are wanting to see some great sunsets, wildlife and relaxing settings, it is the place to be. Taking a private transfer to Chitwan is simple and easy. The car will pick you up at your specified time and bring you to Chitwan. If you are looking for a hotel or things to do in Chitwan, we are more than happy to help you with this!