Social Sciences

Educational Research for Students

Immerse yourself in Nepali society and take part in some in depth ethnography. We have links to remote villages which are untouched by tourism. They provide a key glimpse into the day to day lives of the people who live there. Our connections ensure that you get looked after and treated as one of the residents.

Nepali people love to share their culture with others and promote the country to the outside world. They will only be too happy to have you join them for a few weeks or months. This will be an unforgettable experience living in a foreign land and one you will come to look back on fondly.

Note that these village trips are not meant for general tourism. Research and study and an attitude of getting involved are what is needed to get the most out of such a trip. You are likely to be the only foreigner in a significant distance. Enjoy the switch off from the outside world and gather some excellent notes for your studies!

Charity Involvement

Get stuck in with a grassroots project!

The Okhle Village trust has been running for a number of years. It was set up after Richard Backwell from Dorset, UK met Bimal Gurung on a trekking trip to Nepal. Richard got on with Bimal so well that he was invited back to Bimal’s village in the remote foothills of the Himalayas. Quite the adventurous journey from Kathmandu!

Here Richard could see a distinct lack of basic infrastructure in sanitation, water supply and hygiene. Richard made a plan to be able to help Bimal’s village and the surrounding area. Now, more than 10 years later and numerous projects a lot has changed!

There is still scope for more to be done though. If you are looking to get experience with a grassroots style NGO, look no further. We can always do with an extra pair of hands and you have the opportunity to make a real difference to a kind, caring community in rural Nepal. You won’t regret this fulfilling opportunity!

Teaching in Nepal

Getting involved in the community

Teaching in Nepal is something that we can help to arrange during your time in a remote village. The schools are fairly basic and the Nepali education system is somewhat underfunded and uses practices such as repetition and chanting that you don’t see in Western countries hindering the imagination of the students.

With this, there is extreme value in bringing fresh ideas to the classroom. Students love to learn from a native speaker and the staff are interested in improving their teaching. The teachers are often part of the community and want to do the best for the kids and their future ambitions.

If you are looking to develop your skills in this area or would like to increase your knowledge of the youth of Nepal for a research project, spending some time in the schools can be super valuable. The days are not too long and you get to glimpse at an education system which is often neglected. You can make a real change to the state of education in the school.

Opportunities in Nepal for Education

Culture, society, politics, Nepal has it all!

Nepal is a great country to visit for research. You are in a country with massive mountains and a lot of it is still under developed. It is developing fast though, 24 hour electricity has just become possible in 2017! A lot of the population live in villages in the foothills of the Himalayas and get by with farming.

It can be a paradise to come and spend some time and do some research. The population still perform ceremonies and rituals which they have done for thousands of years. Different castes and ethnic groups make up this wonderful country and the population is very practical at building and making things work with what they have.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Many people go overseas to work for a few years at a time. Popular destinations include Malaysia, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Nepal also has a tradition of providing soldiers for the British and Indian Gurkha regiments and officers for the Singapore police force.

It is a fascinating way of life and if you are looking to get stuck in, we’d love to hear from you. We can position you in a remote village where you will get a friendly welcome, be looked after and treated as one of the residents. It is an experience like no other, and truly unique.