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$158 per flight ticket

Fly to Lukla

Start an adventure in the Everest region with a flight to Lukla!

Once payment is received, we will send you an email with details of the flight. We can also assist with a transfer to the airport if this is something that you need. The flights tend to leave early morning starting at 6:30AM and the last flights to Lukla depart in the early afternoon. The schedule is fairly loose to cater for bad weather but we will try to accommodate a flight of your choosing.

It is very important to check your emails / keep in touch with us after booking your ticket. We will send you all the information via email. We also prefer if you have a local sim or a working phone so we can keep in touch with you. We want you to have a flawless trip to Lukla and communication is key to this success.

Lukla is an epic place and where most trekkers / climbers will fly into before attemtping any of the peaks nearby. The most famous peak is of course Everest. Whether you are doing the Everest Base Camp Trek or visiting some of the monasteries, flying into Lukla is a necessity. Experience one of the shortest runways in the world and marvel at the skill of the pilots on the descent. Lukla awaits!