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$10.99 per bus ticket

Kathmandu to Chitwan by Bus

Journey time is roughly 6 hours

Once payment is received, we will send you an email with details of your bus tickets. We will also make the necessary arrangements to get you to the bus from your hotel. If you do not have a contact phone number, please put your hotel room number in this field, we can then call your hotel to make these arrangements.

The bus will leave at 7AM. We therefore will need you to set an alarm for 6:30AM at the latest. It is a 6/7 hour journey pending traffic. There are breaks and opportunities to buy food and go to the restroom. Our staff are on hand here, and can be reached by phone at all times if you have any questions.

Chitwan is the gateway to nature in Nepal. If you are wanting to see some great sunsets, wildlife and relaxing settings, it is the place to be. Taking a bus to Chitwan is simple and easy. The buses leave from Kantipath Road in Kathmandu so easily accessible from Thamel. If you are looking for a hotel or things to do in Chitwan, we are more than happy to help you with this!