Our Mission is Simple

Transparency and Honesty in how we operate

Our Mission is Simple

At Adventure Paradise Nepal we like to keep things simple. Our mission statement is no different. Our main priorities is that our customers have the best time possible and are looked after to the maximum. 

We pride ourselves on a superior style of customer service. Our boutique style operation means that we get to deal with every customer on a one-to-one basis. There is no customer support line dealing with someone employed solely for it. At Adventure Paradise Nepal, we all get involved in all aspects of the business. Your success is our success and we want you to be able to achieve your goals. 

Exceptional customer service, success of our customers and having a great time is paramount to our success. It is central to our beliefs and helps to create a successful atmosphere for both our clients and us. We will remain honest and work with dignity to make a success of the adventure you choose. Your success is paramount to our success and together we will reach the summit of the goals you have set. 

``Do more of what makes you happy.”
Travel Assistance

We are here to assist you in all stages of your travel arrangements and ensure you have a comfortable passage in Nepal.

Friendly Tourism

Our team provides you with a friendly and supportive group throughout your trip. We practice environmental friendly tourism.

Work with Locals

We are proud to work with the local community. Our staff are professionally trained with local knowledge.

Wealth of Knowledge

The team is truly knowledgeable about the tours that we provide. Giving you the most enjoyable experience possible.

Innovative Tours

We keep up with the latest trends and technology. Development is moving fast in Nepal and we feed this into our tours.

Sustainable Travel

Using the ethos of leave no trace, we try and keep our tours as eco-friendly as is practically possible.

The Best Mountains

Our tours and adventures will take you to the best mountains in Nepal with awesome scenery and natural settings.


Our tours enable you to experience some truly awesome scenery, remember to bring a camera!