Our Values are Important to us

We are transparent in what you can expect from us!

Our Values, Our Integrity

Transparency is important for us. Reputation is also important for us. We want our customers to have a great experience in Nepal. We want them to enjoy their time and come back again and again. With this, we have sat down as a company and created some values which we will keep dear in all that we do. 

Feel free to check out our values below and if you have any questions regarding these, just let us know!

  • We won't cut corners. You will always get full meals, tickets and a quality service. We won't cut corners to increase profit.
  • Our pricing will be competitive. We are lucky to not have the overheads of other companies. We love what we do and pass on the savings to you. 
  • We will be honest. The nature of treks and tours is that some are hard. Conversations about altitude sickness or fitness are hard to approach but your safety is our top priority. 
  • We will always answer your questions. Email us, talk with us. We are here for you and understand that you may never have been to Nepal before. Let us put you at ease. We won't hide or beat around the bush. Straight answers are what you deserve. 
  • Service and Safety above all else. This speaks for itself but you are our top priority. .

``There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”
Travel Assistance

We are here to assist you in all stages of your travel arrangements and ensure you have a comfortable passage in Nepal.

Friendly Tourism

Our team provides you with a friendly and supportive group throughout your trip. We practice environmental friendly tourism.

Work with Locals

We are proud to work with the local community. Our staff are professionally trained with local knowledge.

Wealth of Knowledge

The team is truly knowledgeable about the tours that we provide. Giving you the most enjoyable experience possible.

Innovative Tours

We keep up with the latest trends and technology. Development is moving fast in Nepal and we feed this into our tours.

Sustainable Travel

Using the ethos of leave no trace, we try and keep our tours as eco-friendly as is practically possible.

The Best Mountains

Our tours and adventures will take you to the best mountains in Nepal with awesome scenery and natural settings.


Our tours enable you to experience some truly awesome scenery, remember to bring a camera!