Why use a guide in Nepal

Why use a Guide in Nepal?

Exploring the mountains can be a great challenge. It should be! It should also be a physical challenge only. Why waste time with navigation when you can get assistance from a local guide? Nepal attracts adrenaline seekers looking to explore the mountains and here we will explain why you should use a guide in Nepal on your next trip.

What does a guide do?

A guide has many roles on an expedition in Nepal. First and foremost, they are there to look after you and keep you safe. Secondly, they will lead you around the trek as they know the route. Thirdly, they will sort out all of the accommodation, meals and everything else saving you time and energy. Chances are that local guides have relationships with all the teahouses along the way of a trek and are friends with the owners. The advantage of this is that you get a cheap rate and good service.

Without a guide you may be tempted to walk too fast and underestimate the challenge ahead. A guide will know which parts of a trek people usually find difficult and provide extra care for these. They will know where are good places to stop for a coffee and how to help in an emergency. You might be tempted to go and trek in the Himalayas alone but what if an emergency situation arises? You are likely many miles from a decent road and will need urgent attention. Guides are trained to provide this.

Are guides expensive?

No. Putting it simply, if you do not use a guide you will probably spend more time looking at maps than is worth it. You will spend more time negotiating rates in teahouses and paying for meals. The whole objective of trekking is to enjoy nature and relax. You should be able to look at the mountains, the scenery and the valleys. You do not want to waste your time and by using a guide you can ensure that the logistical side of things are already taken care of.  A guide will also be able to help you reach those great camera moments!

The small cost for hiring a guide pays off tremendously as it adds a layer of safety for your trip. You are not going to get lost, you have a professional with you and you are enjoying nature. This is the best that Nepal has to offer. A guide also has the local knowledge which is invaluable. There are a lot of mountains in Nepal. You might see a peak and wonder which mountain it is. If you are alone, you will have to scramble at a map and guess. With a guide, simply ask and they will be able to tell you. Trekking with a guide is a great experience. You will start the trek with anticipation and leave as friends.

You can check out a selection of our trekking adventures here. We use guides for all our trips and are confident you will have the adventure of a lifetime with Adventure Paradise Nepal.