Porter service in Nepal

Why use a Porter Service in Nepal

Nepal is well known for it’s treks and teahouses. Chances are if you landed on this website you are interested in trekking. Well, you are in luck! We can provide you the information needed to make a great decision on what trek is right for you. One thing that often comes up in discussion is whether trekkers should use a porter service in Nepal. Here, we will explain the reasons why you should definitely consider it.

What is a Porter Service?

A porter service is where you have somebody carry your heavy bags on the trek. They will leave in the morning and head to your destination for the evening. They will arrive before you so as soon as you arrive, you are reunited with your belongings.

The porter service in Nepal enables you to trek with a day bag only letting you move faster and enjoy the trek more. Chances are, you do not have the opportunity to go trekking too often. Why carry a heavy bag to make it harder than it needs to be? Trekking in Nepal is challenging enough. A porter service in Nepal gives you access to all your home comforts every evening and morning. The best thing, you need not lug it around the trek yourself!

How come Porters can carry the heavy bags?

It is a good question. Porter services in Nepal make use of exceptionally fit young individuals. These are often from villages in the foothills of the Himalayas. people who are used to carrying heavy loads. A lot of the young porters have ambitions of joining the military, police or go for the Gurkha regiments. They see the role of being a porter as excellent training.

Quite often each porter will take 2 large bags. They are incredibly fit and relish in the challenge. They will often complete the trek in half the time it will take the main group. It is almost as if they have a sixth sense for walking on all terrain.

I am fit! Do I need to use one?

Trekking in Nepal is unlike anything else. You may be fit and you may think that you can conquer the world. A lot of treks that take place in the Himalayas go to a high altitude. Altitude can affect everyone differently and it can hit anyone, even the super fit.

Trekking with a porter service in Nepal is inexpensive. It increases your enjoyment of the trek. It also provides a job for a local who wouldn’t be working otherwise. We are quite fond of porter services and would recommend that trekkers use them. Whether you are attempting Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp or any other trek. It is worth it!

If you are looking into the possibility of doing a trek in Nepal and have some burning questions, don’t keep them inside! Contact one of our team today. We are more than happy to help you out.