Visa on arrival in Kathmandu

Visa on Arrival in Kathmandu – Step by Step

Arriving at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu can be very daunting. It is quite a unique airport and like nothing you have ever experienced before. There are a few things which you can do however to ensure that the process is fast, smooth and efficient. If you are lucky, you will be able to get to the baggage carousel before the bags come. That is extremely rare! This brief article aims to solve the issues of getting a visa on arrival in Kathmandu as simple as possible.

Plane Landing

When the plane lands at TIA, you wait for the pilot to park and then everybody grabs their luggage. The airport staff will bring steps for the plane so you can get off. These usually are at both the front and back of the plane. If you want a fast exit, ask for a seat near the front or the back. You will take the steps off the plane and land your feet firmly in Nepal for the first time. From here, there will be some buses waiting. You will need to get on a bus which will take you to the arrivals area.

If you want to be quick and avoid bigger queues later, it is important to get on the first buses. These buses will leave when they are full so not being on the first bus can lead you to spending a lot of time on the tarmac getting hot. Not ideal!

Arrival Hall

Stepping foot in the arrival hall can be a little daunting. Lots of space and counters for different things. Have no fear! It is super simple if you are wanting to do the visa on arrival in Kathmandu. The first thing you will need to have done is fill out the online form. You can find this form here – CLICK ME. Filling this out will save you another queue in the arrival hall where there are terminals for people to fill it out. Being prepared and doing it in advance is super important. Make sure you print it and also print a copy of your passport photo page. They ask for this on the form but we have never been asked for it at the airport, the form is usually all they want.

Bypass the area with the terminals and walk straight ahead. You should see a sign for ‘Payment Counter’. Go here and talk with the people behind the desk if a queue hasn’t already formed. Don’t be afraid to call on them to help you, they may be chatting amongst themselves and not have seen you. Provide them with your passport and the printed form. They will usually then ask you how many days you are staying in Nepal. Tell them how many days you are, or which visa you want. The visa comes in 15 days, 30 days and 90 days variations.

Once this has been established, they will ask you for the visa payment. It is very worthwhile to transfer a small amount of currency to USD before you come. Having the visa fee ready helps to speed up the process even more.

  • 15 day tourist visa is $25
  • 30 day tourist visa is $40
  • 90 day tourist visa is $100

You will be provided with a yellow receipt and your documents back. You can now jump in the queue to the right side of this desk for visa on arrivals. Simply handover the printed form, your passport and the yellow payment receipt. The immigration official will tap some keys on his computer before putting a visa in your passport. Super simple! Once you have your passport back, you are done! Free to head down to the baggage hall to grab your luggage. See if you can do it before your bag comes, it is rare but can happen!

Exiting the Airport

Now you have your visa on arrival in hand, luggage, and excitement to get to your next destination, you will leave the airport. Outside the airport can be quite chaotic. There are lots of people hanging around and all vying for your business. It can be super daunting. People will ask you if you have a hotel, taxi or anything else and want to take you to where you are going. After a long flight and just arriving in a distant land, this can be a little stressful.

If you want it to be stress free, check out our transfer options. We can provide you a transfer to anywhere in Kathmandu or even arrange a private transfer to places like Pokhara. Of course, if you have already booked a tour with us, we’ll be there waiting for you at the airport. Have a great time in Nepal and hope this piece on the visa on arrival in Kathmandu helps ease you into the country!